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These days a lot of schools are using iPads for education and with young children accidents will inevitably happen and iPad screens will get smashed! We can come to your school and repair the iPad screens to as good as new outside in our repair van!

We can also repair them at a fraction of the cost that Apple or a Authorised service would charge you!


iPad Air 1 Broken Screen

Apple Charge £246.44 (90 Day warranty)
Apple Authorised Service Centre £246.44 (90 Day Warranty)

We charge £60! (including Lifetime Warranty and coming to you!)

If your School or Education uses Apple iPads and need them repaired we can professional repair them for you. We are based in Bristol and have an office and service centre that repairs 100's of iPads a week.

We can offer your School terms such as these:

  • Same day we come to your School and repair the iPads outside the School in our repair van.

  • Same day iPad Repair and delivery back to your School by one of our staff / engineers

  • Professionally Repaired using the highest quality iPad repair parts.

  • We offer a lifetime Warranty for our School iPad Repairs.

  • We are registered with the data commissoners office for School data protection and our staff are CRB School checked

  • We can offer your School 30 day accounts.

We are also rated the Number 1 iPhone and iPad repair company in the UK so you know that with us repairing your School iPads you are in safe hands!

Give us call or email us to discuss using us to repair your School iPads.