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iPhone battery replacement
iPhone battery replacement
25/04/2018 - Comments
Posted by Mike
iPhone battery not lasting? iPhone turning off at 20%? iPhone running slowly?

If you just answered YES to any of the above then its very likely you need a new battery!

iPhone battery not lasting very long:

If you find that you are charging your battery several times a day, or its not lasting a day then you need a new battery!

To find out what your battery life is like download a APP called "Battery Life" in the APP store and run a test, anything over 20% wear and a new battery will make a difference!

Apple has recently admitted to slowing down your iPhone speed See this article They said that they do it when your battery needs replacing. So if we change your battery your iPhone will be faster!!

We can replace your battery for £49 (£25 at the same time as a screen repair) which includes the new iPhone battery, fitting and us coming to your location to replace the battery.