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iPhone 7 Jet Black Scratches
iPhone 7 Jet Black Scratches
22/10/2017 - Comments
Posted by Mike
iPhone 7 Jet Black Scratches!

Apple announced the release of the new iPhone and you could get your hands on one a couple of days ago. Eagerly awaited was the new iPhone 7 Jet black colour. It looked amazing on the Apple keynote speech and has completely sold out on pre-orders. Today we were able to take a look at one in real life in a Apple store and to be honest we were a little disapointed. First of all it felt and looked well a little plastic! plus it had no swipe and don't get us started with the force touch non clickable home button!

That wasn't the main problem though, this iPhone is going to scratch and its going to scratch badly! Apple do say in the small print that it will:

The demo iPhone 7 that we looked at in the Apple store that had been on display for 2 days was scratched!!! - You may argue it had been handled a few thousand times but it is kept on a docking station and has a security tag on the back so when its put down it won't touch the table.

The iPhone had two very clear scratches on the back that look like wear and tear ones, i think with normal long term usage your shiny new iPhone 7 jet black is going to look very worn in no time at all, otherwise why else would Apple suggest you buy a case for it. Problem with that is the iPhone 7 Plus Jet black 256GB will set you back £919 and to stop it looking scratched you are going to have to cover it with a big old case!