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Cheap Charging Cables
22/10/2017 - Comments
Posted by Mike

Cheap Copy iPhone / iPad Cables will break your device!

One of the most common iPhone repairs we see is the charging IC replacement, this is due in most cases to cheap iphone cables, the tye you get on ebay or down the market!.

Symptoms of the charging IC failure can include:

-The phone suddenly switching off even though it has plenty of power, then switching straight back on when plugged in.

-False charging; it says charging but the battery percentage doesn't go up like its meant to.

-Says it’s charging but the battery percentage actually goes down

-Only works with certain cables

-No power at all

Within a genuine or MFI certified cable there is a chip which talks to the iPhone charging controller and says “hey, I’m legit, I’m only going to let in the correct power”

Within cheap copy cables you have a bypass that basically says “hey, I’m legit, honest!” And lets any old dirty current in, thus damaging your charging controller. 

Always buy genuine or MFI certified cables, prevention is much cheaper than the cure!