Repairs + Prices
Want your iPhone or iPad repair for free?

That would be nice but we have the next best thing! - Did you know that there are MILLIONS of old and broken iPhones and iPads stuck in draws all over the UK doing nothing!

Well dig them out, give them a charge and sell them to us or trade them in against a repair with us!

For example:

iPad 4 Screen repair would be £59. - Find your old broken screen iPhone 6 and trade it in against the repair, its currently worth around £50 so your iPad repair would cost you £9!!

You don't have to have your iPhone or iPad repaired by us to sell us your device, we will buy it anyway and theres no limit on how many you sell so we could pay you £100's!

Get the current trade in / Sell value of your iPhone here

Get the current trade in / Sell value of your iPad here

Just let us know beforehand you have something to trade in / Sell and please charge it before the engineer arrives so he can test it and pay you for it!