Repairs + Prices

These are some examples of particularly tough or tricky iPhone and iPad repairs that we have completed!

They win the weekly Social Media award of "smash of the week" #smashoftheweek

iPhone 6 Bent Housing and Screen:

Smash 1

This iPhone had fallen off the back of a car and driven over by a bus! - It needed the rear housing straightened and a new screen fitted. Cost to customer £90 - Apple quoted £215!

iPhone 5 cut in half!

This iPhone 5 had been cut in half and was a right mess!. It needed a new screen, rear housing, rear camera, front camera, Prox sensor, Earpiece and wifi antenna! - Fully working and looks brand new now!

The "Blood" iPhone 6 Repair!

Smash 5

This iPhone was in someone's hand whilst he was working with heavy machinery! and yes the red in the picture is blood! (His hand was worse). This needed a new rear housing and screen.

iPhone 5s dropped out of the window!

This iPhone 5s was dropped out of a window on to concrete, it was a bit of a mess! It needed a new screen and home button and is as good as new now!