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Bristol iPhone Repair FAQS

Q) My iPhone is broken, how can I get it fixed?

A) Just call us , text us or send us an email and we will book you an appointment with one of our engineers to come to your home or work to repair your iPhone there and then.

Q) How far from Bristol can you come to repair my iPhone?

A) We generally come anywhere in Bristol, plus around 20 miles from Bristol. Best thing to do is contact us with a Postcode and we will let you know if we can come to you.

Q) You fitted a part to my iPhone and not it has gone faulty - What do I do?

A) Simple, just contact us and have your original receipt handy. We will then diagnose the fault and if it is a manufacturers fault we will come and replace the part for free. If it has sustained physical or water damage we will then book you a new engineers appointment to get it repaired again (which is chargeable) Please read HERE about our warranty.

Q) My iPhone is only 6 months old from Apple, I have smashed the screen. Will you replacing the screen void the warranty with them?

A) Unfortunately yes your warranty with Apple will be Voided. We find this very annoying and very unfair as the parts we use are original* and we are fully trained engineers who have repaired 1000's of iPhones. Apple simply use the excuse that you have had your screen repaired so they do not have to replace your iPhone when it has a real manufactuers fault. They do this to try to make you use their iPhone repair / swap service that charges around 5x More than we do for a repair. When we repair your iPhone it is on the understanding that you understand that Apple will more than likely then say your iPhone handset no longer has any warranty with them and that they will refuse to repair it.

Q) I have got a barred / Blacklisted iPhone - Can you get it working again?

A) 110% NO. We will not in any circumstance repair or work on ANY iPhone that is reported as barred or blacklisted. We check all iPhones using the service.

Q) I have just dropped my iPhone in water - What do I do???

Bristol iPhone Water / Liquid Damage Repair.

in Bristol other than iPhone screen repairs the most common repair we do is Water / Liquid damage to iPhones! Bristol seems to water damage ALOT of iPhones!!

We hear stories all day long in Bristol about how peopel have dropped their iPhones in water or liquid and now they don't turn on so are water damaged!

With water / liquid damaged iPhones speed is of the essence, below is some immediate steps you must take if you have water / liquid damaged your iPhone.


iPhone Rice

Rice is for eating! - NOT for removing water and fixing water / liquid damaged iPhones!!

Ask anyone what to do if they drop their iPhone in liquid or water and 99% will say put it in rice - Sorry to dispel the myth but that's complete rubbish! A grain of rice 2 inches away from the corrosion on your iPhones motherboard will do absolutely nothing to save your iPhone - Any "repair" that occurs whilst your iPhone is in rice is completely by chance!!

A Video about putting your iPhone in rice (Contains swearing NSFW)

Other Urban iPhone Water / Liquid Damage Myths:

1) Put it on a radiator - Terrible idea as his will dry the water and minerals on your iPhones mainboard and cause corrosion.

2) Put it in the Airing cupboard - Terrible idea as his will dry the water and minerals on your iPhones mainboard and cause corrosion.

3) Use a hair dryer - Another terrible idea as his will dry the water and minerals on your iPhones mainboard and cause corrosion.

What to do if your iPhone gets water / liquid damaged:

1) Take it out of the liquid / water!

2) Turn it off and DONT charge it! - Adding electricty to a wet iPhone can fry the main board of your iPhone. Trying to charge it can short circuit the main board and cause damage that can't be repaired.

3) Dry off any water / liquid you can see with a towel.

4) Contact us STRAIGHT AWAY (Not in a week) the quicker we get it the more chance there is of successfully repairing it!

Some examples of liquid / water damaged iPhones we have had in Bristol.

Water Damage       Liquid Damage


Bristol iPhone Water / Liquid Damage Repair.