Apple iPhone 6 6 Plus Error 53 Repair

In the last couple of days several stories have broken written by a Guardian newspaper reporter entitled ‘Error 53’ fury mounts as Apple software update threatens to kill your iPhone 6
The story is a little misleading and insinuates that ANY repairs completed by a 3rd party repairer on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will lead to the iPhone developing "Error 53" and the iPhone will be useless when you update the software.

This is factually incorrect.

What causes "Error 53"?

Error 53 is caused when an iPhone is restored when connected to a computer running iTunes via USB where the iPhone has a naturally failed or replacement home button/Touch ID part fitted.

Part of the restore process is called System Software Authorisation (page 6) where iTunes checks the device against the Apple installation authorisation server. It is at this verification step that the restore fails inside of iTunes with ‘Error 53’ and the iPhone is rendered a brick, completely wiped of data.

99.99% of repairs that are completed on iPhones are screen repairs, screens replaced by a 3rd party WILL NOT CAUSE AN ERROR CODE 53

The ONLY thing that can cause "Error 53" is the home button / touch ID being replaced that doesn't match the original one.

We have NEVER replaced a iPhone 6 / 6 Plus home button / Touch ID and never will!!

Since the story aired there has been a massive backlash towards Apple and several companies in the US are threatening to sue Apple!

18th Feb - Update

Apple has backed down to public furry and has fixed error code 53 so it is no longer a problem! - Read the story here!